Service Calls & legalizations


Service Calls & Legalizations


Service Calls

Whether you have water damage that needs detection, a leaky faucet or your boiler is out, Skyline will be there to help you when you need it most.

Gas Fired Boilers:

There are many reasons why a boiler may be malfunctioning or just simply not working. Typically, the result is loss of heat in at least one heating zone. Some common issues are faulty or bad circulators, spill switches, dampers, or a worn-out pilot. Whatever the problem may be, Skyline Plumbing can diagnose the problem and make a repair.


Hot Water Heaters & Indirect Storage Tanks:

Hot water is a modern luxury many of us take for granted.  Skyline Plumbing has decades of experience servicing and replacing both hot water heaters and indirect storage tanks including tankless systems and under cabinet point of use systems.  Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, keep piece of mind knowing your faucet or shower will always have hot water.


Commercial Kitchens:

Commercial kitchens take a lot of abuse and are one of the lifelines to your source of revenue. If your kitchen is down, likely your business is suffering. Skyline Plumbing can service and or replace a wide variety of commercial cooking or cleaning equipment. Whether it be a stove, oven, three compartment sink, or hand wash sink we’re here to help you get back up and running.


Sump Pumps & Sewer Ejectors:

Leave the dirty work to us, Skyline Plumbing services and Installs all types of clear water and waste water pumps and ejectors.


Gas Piping: High & Low Pressure Systems:

Skyline Plumbing has decades of experience filing and legalizing gas systems in both residential and commercial properties.  Whether it be your local municipality, your utility service provider, or both, Skyline Plumbing can guide you through this complex process.  Gas work is best left to the professionals as safety is of the utmost importance.


If your renovation was not filed with your local municipality it may seem like a long and arduous process to do so.  Skyline Plumbing has decades of experience filing, maintaining, and legalizing renovations not on file with building departments across long island. 

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